I have heard Emin Gun Sirer, the CEO at Avalabs, make statements about Avalanche being a platform to launch a new breed of never-seen-before crypto assets in some presentations. He specifically mentioned the stock market in those presentations and it seems as though people don’t even talk about it. In a recent talk about the platform, he stated it again and it struck me. I made a little research on how the stock market works. At the end of my study, I came to understand why the crypto-verse has been in parallel to the stock market. Having a little understanding…

AvaLabs continues to showcase the beauty of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as MoneyDance virtual conference, powered by Avalanche, continues. Watch John Wu, the president at Avalabs, moderate a panel of speakers, and leaders talk about “ When will Institutional and Decentralized Finance converge “.

Things that Personally move me About Avalanche

This week has been great as usual for Avalanche. It has been filled with memorable events. I advise that you check Weavax to keep yourself updated. Straight to the point- October 14th Emin Gun Sirer CEO at Avalabs made a tweet revelation and cleared the clouds over a particular misconception about blockchain consensus. Check below:

I cannot believe that Crypto Twitter is still hopelessly confused about “weak subjectivity.”

- Emin Gün Sirer (@el33th4xor) October 14, 2020

Personally, after reading the thread, I was confused and felt I didn’t know anything after reading a long list of crypto white papers for…

Just like day and night, some things in human history are bound to repeat itself. Just like dummies people walk into the same basic traps but coated in different shades of flavor. I have studied three to four scenarios that prove this fact in entertainment and business (crypto especially). But in all, some heroes were made through the night darkness. This article highlights a few of these heroes, what made them, and why Avalanche is one of such heroes.


  • When there is a market boom from any sector, there is bound to be an influx of low-quality innovations that saturates…

It makes me happy to be part of a successful story and I am always glad when happenings proved me right. That was the situation with Avalanche. The main net on September 22nd was a huge success and many other success stories followed it. AVAX coin is now listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges and can be tracked on CoinMarketcap.

It seems everything happening around Avalanche is breaking a particular record- the first time record. A few weeks ago, I began unveiling three obvious use cases of Avalanche, I wrote explicitly about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), and a week later Avalabs announced a strategic partnership with Polyient Games to offer a decentralized exchange for NFTs on its platform.

Its been more than seven weeks since I began writing about Avalanche. Honestly, the more I research, read, and watch content relating to it, the more I understand what great platform it is already. I have had a change of heart and direction since I began reading and writing about the platform. It is a personal testimony for me because I already made a decision that will alter the way I see things.

The words that struck me most and changed me were the words of Professor Emin Gun Sirer from his pinned tweet:

So many academics forget that our…

Everything is happening so fast around Avalanche and Avalabs these days- enough to get you excited and pumped about the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Emin Gun Sirer, Kevin Sekniqi, and other team members at Avalabs are appearing on different shows and podcasts to create awareness and educate people about what Avalanche stands for.

Avalanche Everest and News about Mainnet

Ever imagined having all your academic records, research details, work experiences, etc. all in your care like NFTs in your crypto wallets just sitting there? No, this is not a replacement for the physical papers you can interact with, but a digital footprint of your life’s work. If we can have our financial lives in our total control via blockchain technology, why not our academic and work life? This article focuses on why I believe the Avalanche platform is a lifebuoy to educational structures in terms of data privacy and security.


Malcolm X stated that Education is the passport to…

Avalanche platform, with its mode of operation and practices, has revealed what blockchain technology should look like and has set a very great example and standard for Decentralized Finance projects. Failures can be avoided in most cases if we are willing to be patient and do what it takes not to take unreasonable risks. Most failures are a result of greed and influence.

Gone Too Soon- Yam Finance

Ayo Abiola

Crypto enthusiast and Prolific Writer

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